About Blowhammer

The fusion between the care for a trendy design and the passion for unconventional spirit is what inspired the imagination of three good friends whom, in March 2013, decided to give birth to an underground clothing brand.

So, it started almost as a game that Salvatore Sinigaglia, Massimo Conte e Luigi Maffini decided to start off a project that combines the quality of the Made in Italy and a style of a large scale effort. As soon as the three guys began carelessly to put down few ideas, they realized that it could really be considered a business.

Day by day their resolution increases, and their belief in an authentic Italian underground brand was not a dream anymore.

Among sacrifices and hard work the three friends put the basis for a brand new and captivating trademark, which can express authenticity and transmit the feeling of being original, trendy and unique to people who wear it.

Once the ground was prepared and the business was taking off, Massimo and Luigi decided to entrust the management to Salvatore, who peremptorily accepted the challenge.

As the brand was about taking shape, the t-shirts were achieving resounding success among young people becoming widely popular on social networks.

In January 2014 blowhammer set up several partnerships that improved the boldness and the personality of the brand.

Nonconformism, care for details, freedom in movement. BH is all of this.

Salvatore Sinigaglia
Blowhammer CEO