BH Points

p>With BH your ideas gain the upper hand, they inspire us, we prize you!

Collaborate with us by subscribing  to the newsletter, involve your friends, review your purchases and all the items by “liking” those you like the most, share, spread and show who you are, blowhammer relies on you and prizes all your moves.

You sow points, you reap prizes!

Find out more and keep an eye on your card in your personal section My BH.

How to gain BHpoints:

  • [100 BH points] 
  • By subscribing the newsletter you will gain BHpoints and you will always be updated on new collection, gifts and news!

  • [50 BH points] 
  • Invite your email contacts and you will receive 50 BHpoints for every purchase made by your friends

  • [10 BH points] 
  • Review the products you bought straight at its own notepaper. 


 BHpoints is the fidelity service issued by Blowhammer Srl. It allows to get discounts, benefits, conventions and services only usable throughout the online store

Release method

Every registered user will automatically endorse BHpoints subsequently to the first purchase from the store. The release of personal data is fundamental and necessary to the operational management of the service. A single service is provided for each active customer.

Time limit

BHpoints do not have an expiring date, but it is up to the issuing company to change in every moment the validity of the points, after having conveniently warned the users 90 days ahead of time

Details and restrictions

  • By accepting the acquisition of points by subscribing to the newsletter, it will be possible to disable the newsletter only if points haven’t already been spent. If you have already spent your points you will be allowed to disable the newsletter only after 12 months.
  • There are no limits for invitations, but points will be distributed only by the time your friend, who has decided to subscribe thanks to the personal link forwarded, will fulfil a purchase. 
  • It will be possible to obtain points by reviewing  the products you buy. Points will be assigned  only for the first review on each product.

Rules’ duration

It is possible this regulation to be modified with further updates by Blowhammer S.r.l.s.. The updates will be formerly conveyed and then will be considered known and accepted from the customers 30 days after the publication on the website

Privacy policy and authorization to process personal data

Dear customer, we must inform you that your data are processed manually and electronically by Blowhammer Srl and the companies associated in accordance with the art. 2358 cod.civ.-data controller- to process your request of releasing BHpoints. Data marked with an asterisk (*) and possible questions marked with an asterisk (*) are necessary to process your requests. Though not providing the data marked with an asterisk (*) you will not allow us to pursue properly the service. 1) Moreover, once given your consent, your data might be processed by Titulars for marketing survey and statistical analysis, in order to improve the quality of the services, for marketing, promoting and commercial purposes also in the benefit of third parties. In the ambit of the abovementioned purposes it is necessary the specific consent of the user. The person in charge of the processing is: - La Direzione di Blowhammer Srl, c/o via monte nevoso, 40 – The updated list of companies in a control relationship and connection to art. 2359 cod.civ. with blowhammwer Srl, it is available the following e-mail addresses of third-party companies and managers to which data might be communicated:. User’s data will be transmitted only to data controllers entrusted of operation related to BHpoints and managing of data. The article 7 , d. lgs 156/2003, Privacy Policy Code authorizes the Client to benefit of specific rights, among them the possibility to modify and revoke the consent of data processing in any moment by writing to the following email: